Software for money lenders

A better way to work with your borrowers.


Where we will take you

To the world where lenders and borrowers, spend more time making money

and less time sorting through paper work.

How it works


Borrower approaches the lender for credit

Borrower may, or may not be known by the lender


Lender logs onto borrowerCentral ...

Lender use borrowerCentral to do due dilligence
and approve or decline the borrower's credit request

If credit request is approved

Lender the uses borrowerCentral to:
a. Manage/record repayments, late fees...
b. Upon maturity, close load and rate borrower

See Product features

Tired of paper and spreadsheet? So are we!!!

That's why we've taken what you work with, stripped out what you don't need,

and the final product in clean and simple package.


Lending is simplified.

How do you manage the computation and management of late fees?

We simplified all that now you can spend more time doing what matters to you.